The Irish Rebel Music of Pádraig Mór...
(Saoirse & Shebeen)

Padraig Mor -- The Irish Rebel Music Of Padraig Mor (Saoirse & Shebeen)

GEORGE & POP (P.McGlinchey/G.Breslin)

 George McBrearty   Charles "Pop" Maguire 


On the slopes of the  Creggan one morning in May

Four lads left their base with hearts young & gay

Their cause was for freedom a cause long denied

 And the foreign oppressor they went to defy

While patrolling our streets they met with the foe

And with guns at the ready our lads had a go


So we'll raise up our hands & we'll curse that british land

Who torment the very hearts of men who dare to cross their path

But my heart is broke in two wont you tell me what to do

They could'nt stop our George & Pop & they'll not stop me & you


The place it went silent when the shooting died down

Two young lads they lay dead on the streets of our town

Another two lives lost for the ongoing fight

And in Derry were mourned on that fateful night


Now Georgie & Pop they lie cold as stone

They died fighting for Derry their own native home

So always remember & don't ever forget

They died fighting for Ireland & we owe them the debt


(Dedicated to the memory of  Derry Brigade, Oglaigh na h'Éireann Volunteers, George McBrearty & Charles "Pop" Maguire, killed on active service, 28th May 1981)

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