The Irish Rebel Music of Pádraig Mór...
(Saoirse & Shebeen)



Dearest mother I am writing just to say I wont be home

There's something that I have to do & I must do alone

They took me & they put me in this lonely prison cell

Tonight my thoughts are with you as I bid my last farewell


So say goodbye to Margaret, Mary Brigid & Micheal

I have no words to tell you how much I'll miss you all

And though I may not show it you know I've loved you well

So in my final letter I will bid my last farewell


Dearest brother wont you take good care of all the folks for me

Go home to Rathfarnam on the day they set you free

 I was happy when you stood by me in all that we've been through

No one could ever have so true a brother such as you



Dearest mother it's so very sad but now we have to part

To understand the reasons would trouble your poor heart

I told you since I was a boy it was my destiny

To die a true brave soldier so that one day you'd be free