The Irish Rebel Music of Pádraig Mór...
(Saoirse & Shebeen)

Padraig Mor -- The Irish Rebel Music Of Padraig Mor (Saoirse & Shebeen)


(Tribute To Mickey Devine)


It's a very poor existence for a man who's in his prime

To be thrown behind a fence with no way home

But my oath will not be broken, four long blanket years I've done

And my sister makes me feel I'm not alone

All my memories down in Springtown, as a child she'd hold my hand

Through the winding paths of poverty we'd run

With the leaking roofs & dampness, under coats we'd cuddle up

In that tin can filthy slum to end all slums


Remember my words, we gave our lives the ultimate sacrifice to pay

Just give a token, reach out your hands to prevent this tragedy

A festering sore on the face of mother Ireland's shamrock shore

And those responsible must be smashed beyond repair


So we climbed the hill to Creggan where we finally settled down

Yet our father's eyes would never see you wed

As we gathered round for Christmas, he was badly taken ill

And with merely six weeks past our Da was dead

So with the hardships came the troubles as the people thronged the streets

I could sense a real awakening in my mind

For the killings mounted higher I enlisted to the ranks 

Then our mother died & left us both behind



In my struggle I was captured, for stealing guns they gave twelve years

I joined the Protest to defy the years to come

And all my thoughts for Louise & Michael kept me warm through nights of cold

And McAuley brought me hope when hope was gone

So for our rights today we hunger, nine brave men have gone to rest

 Can you hear them call my name from fields afar

I was born in a cold tin hell hole, that's exactly how I'll part

We're a new found generation who'll win this war


Now my body's dead & buried & the pain has long since gone

But there's a lasting wish my friends & I still hold

It's fulfillment lie's with Ireland every conscience must respond

Make your stand for every nation must be told


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