The Irish Folk Music of Pádraig Mór & Saoirse

Padraig Mor -- The Irish Rebel Music Of Padraig Mor (Saoirse & Shebeen)



In Ireland's freedom struggle from each corner of this land

In every page of history men have bravely took a stand

Finglas gave us Doco we're so proud of this young man

Who fought off british agents when cold murder was their plan


Their target was The Widow's pub where Republicans would meet

Their scheme was evil massacre in that quiet Dublin street

Those gangsters & assasins the u.v.f did claim

Those killers set out from their base to shoot, to bomb, to maim


As the crowd enjoyed the evening forgetting all their cares

Assassins armed & ready were looking toward the stairs

Their plan to quickly run straight up into the room they'd burst

Their fatal flaw stood at the door they'd to get past Doco first


Martin flew straight at that killer band & forced them to the street

A shot rang out & Martin fell dying at their feet

He saw them run like cowards but Doco held his ground

His duty clear that Volunteer kept his comrades safe & sound


Martin Doherty loved his country & he held his nation high

To protect his people on that night he was not afraid to die

All our memories now of Martin could make us laugh or cry 

But the greatest memory that we have to save our lives he died


How your mother longed to hold you & say her last goodbye

She'd tell you how she loved you she'd gaze into your eyes

She'd tell you that you'd won  the fight you were fearless true & brave

And by your actions on that night so many lives you saved

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