The Irish Folk Music of Pádraig Mór & Saoirse

.Padraig Mor -- The Irish Rebel Music Of Padraig Mor (Saoirse & Shebeen)

The Irish Rebel Music of Pádraig Mór, Saoirse & Shebeen

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"LEGENDS"... "Pádraig Mór" ( 2008)

"LEGENDS" is the second solo album by Pádraig and also includes the recording debut of his daughter Siobhán, who performs a beautiful rendition of Eleanor McEvoy's classic ballad "A Woman's Heart". It was released on 3rd Sept 2008.



 1. Lullaby To Heaven

 8. Erin's Flag 
 2. Protestant Men           9. Mandela
 3. Black & Tan Gun 10. Boys From The Co. Cork 

 4. Billy Reid

11. Instrumental (Polkas) 
 5. Sad Song For Susan 12. This Land of Mine
 6. George & Pop 13. A Woman's Heart
 7. Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears 14. Let The People Sing





Our next endeavour was recorded nearer home & with a bit more organisation employed than in our previous offering! Robert, Fran & myself began work on this album at Chow Studios in Glasgow in November of '99 & with the assistance of Julie (Scealai) on fiddle & Joe (Shebeen) on drums, released it in January 2000.


 1. Freedom's Walk   8. Old Brigade/Tell Me Ma 
 2. Loughgall Martyrs  9. Snipers Promise 
 3. My Last Farewell  10. Sing Irishmen Sing 
 4. Winds Are Singing Freedom  11. Ethel Lynch 
 5, Meet Me At The Pillar  12. Broad Black Brimmer 
 6. This Land Is Your Land  13. Ultimate Sacrifice 
 7. Town I Loved So Well  




Early in 2002 I invested in a digital home recording studio. (God bless all at Roland Electrics!) After experimenting with it for a while I came to the conclusion that the quality of the recordings were, in my opinion, just as good as on the previous 2 albums we had made in professional studios... & a damn sight less expensive into the bargain. So I decided to stick the tracks I had recorded onto disc and my first solo album came to be. (Although I did again seek the assistance of Julie to add  her own inimitable style of violin playing onto a few of the tracks).


 1. Martin(Doco)Doherty  8. Boston Snows
 2. Kelly The Boy From Killane   9. Helicopter Song 
 3. Grace  10. Athenry/Garvaghy Road
 4. Clonoe Ambush  11. Shoot To Kill The Policy
 5. Ireland Unfree  12. Pardon Me For Smiling 
 6. Song For Marcella  13. Dying Rebel 
 7. Crossmaglen  14. Raymond McCreesh 



Track playing... "Kelly The Boy From Killane" from "The Green & The Gold". The Boy From Killane.wma

On 5th June 1798, Sean Kelly, leading his company of some 800 Pikemen, set out from his base on Corbet Hill, overlooking the town of New Ross, Co.Wexford, in an assault on the heavily fortified Garrison stronghold.

Kelly's gallant, but untrained militiamen, consisting in the main of farmers & peasant labourers, fought valiantly but proved no match against the highly trained & better equipped british soldiers based within the walled town. When the battle had ended almost all of his men had perished on a day that will be remembered as one of the darkest in the long & bloody struggle for Irish independence.

Kelly was arrested in the aftermath of the battle, tried by court martial & hanged in Wexford town. (In all over 3,000 Rebels from 6 Companies died in the battle.)


Left to Right

  • United Irishmen standard bearer leads a company of Pikemen into battle.
  • Emblem of United Irishmen
  • Theobald Wolfe Tone. Leader & founder of United Irishmen.



What's the news, what's the news oh my bold Shelmalier

With your long barreled gun of the sea

Say what wind from the north brings your messenger here

With a song for the dawning of the free

Goodly news, goodly news do I bring you from Forth

Goodly news shall you hear Bargey man

For the boys march at dawn from the south to the north

Led by Kelly the boy from Killane


Tell me who is the giant with the gold curling hair

He who rides at the head of your band

Seven feet is his height with some inches to spare

And he looks like a king in command

Oh me boys that the pride of our bold Shelmaliers

Among the bravest of leaders a man

Raise your beavers aloft & give three rousing cheers

For Sean Kelly the boy from Killane


Enniscorthy's in flames & old Wexford is won

And the Barrow tomorrow we will cross

On a hill o'er  the town we have planted our guns

And tomorrow we will march into Ross

All the Forth men & Bargey men march o'er the heath

With young Harvey to lead on the van

But the foremost of all in that grim gap of death

 Will be Kelly the boy from Killane


But the gold sun of freedom grew dark o'er New Ross

And it sets on the Slaney's red waves

And poor Wexford stripped naked hung high on a cross

And her heart is by traitors displaced

Glory o', glory o' to our brave sons who died

For the cause of long downtrodden man

Glory o' to Mount Leinster's own gallant & pride

Dauntless Kelly the boy from  Killane

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